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25 Hours a Day - Single Album

25 hours a day Lyrics Le Freak


Le Freak - 25 hours a day Songtext

I, I just wanna sleep tonight.
I just wanna leave it all behind.
But all I do is think of you tonight.

You, you said we would be okay.
You said everything would be alright.
But here I am tonight.

Miss you 25 hours a day.
Wish you were here, wish you could stay.
Miss you 25 hours a day, take me way.

Why, why did we lose it all?
Why did we let it slip away?
It's all so sad, I know we had it all.

Wrong, how could we be so wrong?
Thought our love would be so right.
But here I am tonight.



Night and day you're all I think of.
We went astray, but all I want to do
is to be here with you.



Miss you 25 hours a day.
Miss you 25 hours a day.
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