Lay Down Rotten

Conditioning the Weak Lyrics Lay Down Rotten

Lay Down Rotten - Conditioning the Weak Songtext

On the edge - trembling towards the end
Drink the disguise of your memories
Pour oil in the fire of your loss
Nothing is certain

My siren cries your name
The writing on the wall
For all to see
Tells your fate - you cannot see

Conditioning the weak
Slaughtering the dream

Shoot out the lights
The high floating through you
Pumping adrenaline
Hangover - hammered and deaf
Too weak - to defend your way

Sane mindless - bitter pills for clean dreams
Digital worship for the rich
On the edge - black dimensions of my inner self
Heartless whore

Survive this society
Survive this insanity

Conditioning the weak
Bruised inside - defend your way
Slaughtering the dream - control your needs
Conditioning the weak
Shine down on your empty grave
Shine down on your empty grave - dreadful insight (
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