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Lamya - Black Mona Lisa Songtext

But oh I am not afraid
To be a lone bohemian
I can paint a portrait of myself
I will call me a black Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa
Come to discover - I am your daughter
The sky above me is silent and empty
I am an island
A little freak of melancholy
But these hands
They unbead your rosary of wisdom

Bewitched, spellbound I'm found
And returned from superstition
You are my martir
I'm a vestige of a revolution
My alma, my mother
And now I can let go
My old addictive solutions


I used to be a connoisseur
Of hate, self hate, paternal hate
Hate come gratis
I connected every kind
Slipping it like red wine

But oh I am not afraid
To be a lone bohemian

The sun is still unkind
To those like you and me
Seekers of sanctuary
But oh I am not afraid
I'm sanctified and fortified
Because you sacrified
I can call myself Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, men have
adored you
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