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Kristin Hoffmann

Never Lyrics Kristin Hoffmann


Kristin Hoffmann - Never Songtext

There's a fire burning
Somewhere under my skin
And in the night it devours me
Trying to pull me in
And there's no comfort in commitment
Just an open jealous tomb
And the more I surrender
The less I'm trusting of you

Take me down from decision
Let me breathe from my soul
If I stop worrying about tomorrow
I will never grow old

And their eyes keep on staring
Trying to break me with time
So I keep fighting the battle
Aiming to save my mind
And over there they are fussing
Over here lies dissatisfaction
I just asked for some quiet
Just a moment away from the action

Take me down from decision…

You're never gonna tear me down
You're never gonna break my heart
You're never gonna steal my soul
No you're never gonna never
And you know I'm gonna speak my mind
And you're never gonna take that away
No you're never gonna take that away
I said never…never…no you're never
No you're never gonna take that away from me
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