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To see how they are put down. So much blood on the ground. To see how they are put down, The death is filth and it surrounds you. Convenience-vore, murder. The corporations are filth, we cause them to thrive. The corporations are filth, we cause them to thrive. What about the innocent lives? We don't have to kill to survive. Convenience-vore, murder. There are butchers on every corner, but we don't have to kill anymore. There are butchers on every corner. We cause there profits to soar. You are not what you say you are. A mighty carnivore hunting from your car. Drive through quick, fill the bag with meat. I have kids, can you include a treat? Brain washed, to think it's okay to do this. So many lives are ruined, both animals and humans. Humans commit murder every day they live their lives. How many of us ever stop, and question if what we do is right. It's not right. Tell me are you offended, that I won't sit and dine with you? Take a look what's on your plate and what it is you are about to chew. *It's time to see it for what it is. Why can't you see it for what it is.* Can you tell me what it's like, to chase down your own prey? Or can you only hunt with forks and knives, preparing your meat in the oven all day? What's the matter, can't you eat it raw, or are your teeth not sharp enough? Would you get sick to the stomach at the site of a mother cow dying in a pool of her own blood. *Pain is not exclusive to the human species. Why can't you not see this...resist. Bring about the deliverance.* (I have no idea what he is saying there at the end, so I'll insert the rest of his lyrics later.)
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