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Kirlian Camera - Blue Room Songtext

Sometimes in the blue room
another dream fades away
velvet as the moon
she lays down and resting stays
So she's seeing
the shadow of life
falls over the bright light
and so on
she's breathing the air
surrounding celestial stairs
And in the bright light
shine all the sparkles in flight
hold me tight
just cross the line
words capture silently
all this time
reminds me now
of islands rising silently
desert zones
and western domes
footsteps sound so lonely
Travelling into dreams
passing season gloved in grey
the feeble dying beam
its pain without ecstasy
so, now
the contact is lost
nothing but a sense of fear
and tonight
the ocean is quiet
it's waters forever dead
and so tell me
why reason and lives
are lost inside unveiled desires
And it's too late
too late to return
from that golden exotic place
Screaming at last
and looking around
all my life lost in
a bridge filled with night.
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