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On God Lyrics Kanye West


Kanye West - On God Songtext

How you get so much favor on your side?
"Accept Him as your Lord and Saviour," I replied
Thou should love thy neighbor, not divide
I'ma ride, that's on God

His lights shine the brightest in the dark
Single mothers know they got my heart
And all my brothers locked up on the yard
You can still be anything you want to be

Went from one in four to one in three
Thirteenth amendment, gotta' end it, that's on me
He the new commander and the chief
That's on Keef, that's on God

Before the ranch, I had horses in the garage
When the Forbes cover was just a mirage
They had me chasing statues, that's on pride
Oh my God, Bus said, "That's on tribe"

When I thought the Book of Job was a job
The Devil had my soul, I can't lie
Life gon' have some lows and some highs
Before the Grammy's ever gave a nod

I wore my heart on my sleeve, I couldn't hide
In '03 they told me not to drive
I bleached my hair for every time I could've died
But I survived, that's on God

I've been tellin' y'all since '05
The greatest artist resting or alive
That's on L.A. Reid, that's on Clive
That's no jive, that's on God

Off the 350s, he supplied
The IRS want they fifty plus our tithe
Man, that's over half of the pot
I felt dry, that's on God

That's why I charge the prices that I charge
I can't be out here dancing with the stars
No, I cannot let my family starve
I go hard, that's on God
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