Crabbuckit Lyrics K-Os


K-Os - Crabbuckit Songtext

It's high now
So low it's high
Like this, check it out yo

Took a trip on a bus that didn't know
Met a girl sellin' drinks at the disco
Said truth comes back when you let it go
Seems complicated cause it's really so simple
Walkin' down Yonge Street on a Friday
Can't follow them, gotta do it my way
No fast lane, still on a highway
Movin' in and out, no doubt it's the right toe

Chorus [ 2x ]:

No time to get down cause I'm movin? up
No time to get down cause I'm movin? up
No time to get down cause I'm movin? up
Ahh, haa... Check out the crabs in the bucket

(It's like this, it's like it is)
It's like flys on the windscreen, writing on walls
square these clones claim there havin a ball
foolin' themselves just before last call
Tic-a-tic-a-toc tic-a-tic-a-toc
Clock strikes twelve, clock strikes one
Smoking gun put these fools on the run
I know it's not that simple, I know it's not that hard
Where's your gold?

Chorus [ 2x ]

Yeah na I mean
Yeah, I heard you man, yo, check, yo,

It's a conniption, fit in the microphones flit
I take it higher like a bird on a wire, retire the fire
I never cause I'm just moving on up
Choosin' to touch, the unseen, craving the clutch
The most inevitable, legible pyro-mania
Slaying the devil, and send em back to Transylvania
Strangely enough, I am on that side of the ghetto
From my heavy metal, will settle the puppets like pedo
Damm, if mirrors where created by sand
when I'm looking in the water for reflections of man
Understand the minds above time when it's empty
Emcee, tragically ahead by a century

Chorus 2x
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