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Josh Kelley - Busy Making Memories Songtext

I never saw this day in my brain when
I was carving out the rest of my life
Two little girls and one little boy
Making angels under Snow White sky's
But I'm grateful for the changes
In the plans that I once made
Cuz they had me running like a rabbit
On a wheel too busy chasing empty dreams
Now I'm busy making memories
I'm busy making memories

I got a call from my dad the other day and we
Got to talking on about "where'd the time go"
Reminiscing in the years gone by I
Felt a sadness coming through that phone
I said don't act like life is over
You've got a long one left to live
So caught up in the coulda woulda shoulda years
Too busy in your history
When you could be busy making memories
Busy making memories
You could be busy making memories

Through the eyes of this camera
I'll take it all
Every single moment will carry on

In a doorframe of this lived in home
There is a pen hanging from a string
It writes the tale of a husband and
A wife steady growing up their family
You know one of them's a thinker
One's getting taller everyday
The other only cares about the dating
Scene but I tell you that's ok with me
Cuz she's busy making memories
Busy making memories
For this ever growing family
Oh, spinning like angels right in front of me
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