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John Mellencamp - My Aeroplane Songtext

Wish I had an aeroplane
I'd fly away up yonder
'Til I could write me the perfect song
It'd be a song for the people
It'd be a song that everybody could sing along

If you needed a ride
You'd have one
If you needed a friend
I'd be your best one
If you got afraid
I'd take away all your pain
And I'd let you fly
In my aeroplane

If this song could spread happiness
I'd sing it long and loud
All over this land
I'd teach this song to the troubled
And we'd sing it for anybody
Who needed a helping hand


If you had a wish
Well, I wonder what in the world
Your wish might be
Would it be a wish of freedom
And a joyous noise
That could ring out from all eternity

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