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Conky Tonkin' (with Clint Black) Lyrics Jimmy Buffett


Jimmy Buffett - Conky Tonkin' (with Clint Black) Songtext

(Jimmy) Bella was bored to death at South Beach
Not one celebrity spotted in days
She was tired of her mood
Lunchin' on vegan food
She was tired o' just soakin' up rays.

Then she saw him pull up to the stop light
In an ol' ragtop that she couldn't name
He said a-hop inside
I'm heading south ..take a ride
I'm just the next man that you're gonna blame
U. S. 1
Heading down U. S. 1

(Clint) Lenny said
How 'bout lunch in Key Largo?
There's a fish sandwich place down the road
Kinda out in the sticks
But we can be back by six
Never leave our area code.
Well geography wasn't her strong point
She'd never been past the Dade Land mall
So they stopped on the way
Lenny was happy to pay
For her new thong and purple beach ball.

(Jimmy and Clint)
They're goin' Conky Tonkin'
Cruisin' on a weekend buzz
Really Conky Tonkin'
Doin' it just because.

(Jimmy) Havin' too much fun to turn back
They're explorers in a hotrod Ford
They counted sea birds and cars
Stopped at all the cool bars
(Jimmy and Clint) Harmonically they struck a chord

(Jimmy) Stop, what was that?

Somewhere in the middle of the seven mile bridge
He said Bella, do you wanna see the rest?
She said I haven't a care, Lenny.
Just take me there.
And they drove all the way to Key West

(Clint) Well she'd never seen anything like it
In all of her 26 years
Bella was feeling the groove
Lenny was makin' his move
They were quite a pair of pioneers.

(Jimmy and Clint)
They goin' conky tonkin'
Cruisin' down U S. 1
They'll be conky tonkin'
Tryin' to catch up with the sun.

They'll be conky tonkin'
Their engine is about to explode
Goin' conky tonkin'
Hey, they'll meet you at the end of the road.

(Jimmy - spoken) End of the road...
What do you do then?
Rev it up and jump that bucket to Havana

We're goin' conky tonkin!
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