Inna Biografie

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu (born October 16, 1986), best known only as Inna, is a dance singer from Mangalia, Romania. She debuted in 2008 with the album Hot, produced by Play & Win. The main single from the album intitled Hot reached number one in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Russia, Hungary and Greece. The second single promoted from the album is intitled Love is rapidly advancing in the musical charts reaching number 16 in Kiss FM's Fresh Top 40 in the debut week. She was nominated for best singer and best single at the Eska Awards in Poland. Inna also has a single intitled Deja Vu in collaboration with Bob Taylor (aka Fizz) that was a major hit in Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and Hungary. At the 2009 MTV Romania Music Awards held in Craiova, Inna won the best dance, best new act, best show and best border breaker awards making her the most succesfull singer from the show. The top two singles from her first album Hot and Love posted on YouTube reached nearly 12 million views in under one year. Her single Hot posted on YouTube reached 2 million views in under one year making her one of the most viewed Romanian singers on the internet. Inna signed a contract with United States based record label Ultra Records that will promote her single Hot in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.
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