What They Bring Lyrics Immolation


Immolation - What They Bring Songtext

The terror moves
Night closing in
Hearing whispers
Of what they bring

This day will bring no light
Death will touch us soon
Never thought they'd come
Conquerors of land and life
This day will be our last

Hide in shadows
Breaking day
A breath of cruelty
Has come our way

Holding onto life
Oblivion stares our way
A penance for who we are
Our blood will soak the land
Brazen acts of spite
Wanton beasts unleashed
No mercy will be given
We will know what they bring

Reaching our prey, the carnage begins
Our movement of horror brings down its wrath
As our flames of glory, burn through the night
Their haunted eyes bleed, for now they know what we bring

Flowing streams of red
As life escapes them all
The butchers carve their way
Into infamy

Now they know what we bring
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