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Tapdancing on the Highwire Lyrics Ilse DeLange


Ilse DeLange - Tapdancing on the Highwire Songtext

Bright lights and funny clowns
hammin' it up to the circus grounds
horses, big parade
such a pretty sight, this love we made
From way up here, life's just a ball
with you by my side, love is worth the fall

So we're tap dancing on the highwire
we could go tumbling down
but something makes me go higher
think it's having you around
oh, get a look at us playing with fire
oh, we're tap dancing on the highwire

Big applause, from th ecrowd out there
watching our hearts in mid-air
no strings and no fear
keeps or love suspended up here
We know we could lose our balance and fall
but a heart that don't dance
ain't a real heart at all

- Chorus -
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