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Dogs of war Lyrics Ian Cussick

Ian Cussick - Dogs of war Songtext

there's going to be a revolution over night

i saw a shooting star last night
that burned out in the east
was this the bringer of good news
i saw a million people dying on a tv show
a press release
in the name of peace

i saw a freedom fighter
throwing cocktails at a car
a burning flag he held up high
i heard the guns and saw his face
resemble you and i, mysterious
let me tell you this

there's going to be a revolution over night
there's going to be a change of constitution, human rights
the reign of east and west befall the world and everyone
release the dogs of war
rejoice the morning rising sun

the wonders of the world
are slowly being torn apart
and politicians always lie
if we can't turn them round
tomorrow we will surely die
a world a bliss
let me tell you this
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