The Dark Ride Album

The Dark Ride Lyrics Iain Matthews


Iain Matthews - The Dark Ride Songtext

So I got up and I checked the door
It was nothing more than fear
I waited 'til I really knew for sure
And the pain disappeared

I heard you moved up to the rain
and snow
Drew a bitter line between us
If I saw you now you'd surely know
It took a lot of miles to free us

Don't leave me dangling
Don't end it here
Don't leave me dangling so near

So I got up and I wrote a line
It'll come in time, it's my song
I saw the misery I'd hid inside
And I let it hide for so long


I heard you found a way to pass the time
With a friend of mine no doubt
Here the river it keeps thundering
And I would rather drown than shout

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