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Funk And Fire Lyrics Iain Matthews


Iain Matthews - Funk And Fire Songtext

It's New Year's Morning 1953
There's A Hard Rain Been Pounding Down On Franklin Tennessee
What's Your Name Boy
Say Now, Is That A Fact!
Well You Know You've Got No Business In Your Daddy's Cadillac
And You Know You Got No Business In That Mansion On The Hill
You're Not Your Daddy Boy
And You Know You Never Will Be
He Was Funk And Fire
All Funk And Fire
Yeah, Funk And Fire
But He's Gone, Gone, Gone With The Wind

1967, Imagine If You Will
There's A Wild Man Dressed In Velvet
Like A Fool On The Hill
With No Expectations And Not A Moment Too Soon
We Were All Around The Watchtower
All In That Room
Who Did You Talk To
And How Much Did You Hear
You Know Thay Say If You Remember
It Just Prooves You Were Not There
For All That Funk And Fire
Yeah, Funk And Fire
It Was Funk And Fire
But It's Gone, Gone, Gone With The Wind

San Francisco, Confusion By The Bay
We Were Picking Up Resistance From 3,000 Miles Away
When She Said, Lord Wont You Buy Me
That Mercedes Benz
Lord Stand By Me While I Lose This Innocence
And She Said, I Can't See My Future
I Despise My Past
And I'm Watching Her Crumble Through My Magnifying Glass
With All That Funk And Fire
She Was Funk And Fire
Funk And Fire
Now She's Gone, Gone, Gone With The Wind
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