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Iain Matthews - Fading Fast Songtext

I can only wander so far north, only stay so long
I know you think I'm running and you're right
If you think that I don't miss you, if you think I'm fine you're wrong
If you thinkof me at all, I'm here tonight

There were days the light camepouring in
And days we couldn't see
Sometimes I swear I'll never get it right
If all the mysteries of this earth were opened up to me
I would will them all on you tonight

You would say emotions blind me
You think I'm living in the past
I would say emotions guide me, and the pain can't last

Now you and I are history, you and I are done
One of us has given up the fight
Oh if only I'd been listening, and if only you'd been wrong
Maybe we would have it all tonight

Oh I have seen our river run, sweeping us away
And I have felt us changing overnight
If you think that I don't miss you, if you think I'm fine OK
If you think of me at all, just let it pass
'Cause you and me, we're just a memory, and fading fast
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