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Tales from the Third World Lyrics Hocico


Hocico - Tales from the Third World Songtext

I'm a third world child getting mad
In this room among rats
Eating the waste the others don't need
Crawling to beg, to live

Tell me mother what time you'll be back
So I'm awake in the dark
Life is hard in these noisy streets
Since dad left us for this selfish dreams

I had a beautiful dream my son
We both rest in peace
All is white in a valley of flowers
No more hunger during empty hours

I scream, but no one hears

I'm screaming from this place
Can you hear me?
I'm screaming, no one cares for us
False answers, tales

We should die soon, so we don't recall
The greedy pigs of this world
Meanwhile, close your eyes my child
So we give up this fight

I have to kill you with pain in my heart
Please don't be scared
Together we'll be in the valley I dreamt
Away from pain, you'll understand
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