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Sunday morning Lyrics Guadalajara


Guadalajara - Sunday morning Songtext

Summer sun a dumb small town
Half past eight on Sunday morn' the
Bells are ringing it's so nice to
Listen to the preacher's voice
So does Thomas every week
People say he's not a geek he killed
His wife two years ago because of drinking you should know

He has got money but not from Ron his lovely ten-years-old son
Ronny is just lingering as long as church accepts everything
Monday evening it's raining hard a man named Robert playing darts
In his weird house down the street for him there is no summer heat

He is not trusting anymore in god and church still sees the gore
Of his family until today that was killed last year in may
A drunken guy was driving fast and killing all his dreams
At last church and god that is his hate so nobody cares about his fate
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