Mary Green Lyrics Grobschnitt

Album Illegal

Grobschnitt - Mary Green Songtext

Mary Green – we can be timeless breath dreaming on
MaryGreen – notre vie – la synthèse de ce monde
Leaving the labyrinth of logic, nearly lost my mind
Moments are here and now just moments
Tomorrow’s not to find
We’ll meet there one time

Mary Green – You’re a "sin"
You are damned by their fear
Mary Green – darfst nicht blüh’n
Sie ha’m Angst auch vor Dir
Your Friends are pursued like felons
have to pay this price
Innocent minds in paranoia, YOU SHOULD BE LEGALIZED
Let’s make it shure that they can move on free

Mary Green – can we be what we want
Mary Green – notre vie un moment

You’re not an answer, you’re illusion
Though what’s reality – what do we know
You show that life is a prescription
But you can’t set us free – just a show
Mary Green – high and low – you’re no sin
All should know:
Mary Green – you’re to GROW

Mary Green – dreaming on
la synthèse de ce monde
can we be what we want
notre vie un moment
Angst hört auf überall – MARY GREEN IST LEGAL
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