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Sacrifice Me Lyrics Gracia

Album Passion

Gracia - Sacrifice Me Songtext

Out in the night
I can feel you
Burning my pride
On the fields of agony
Where do you wanna be?
I can see you killing my dreams
That you can't handle
Livon on fake
And deling with my Prophecy
Where do you wanna be?

Just sacrifice me baby
Just sacrifice my lovin? to the gods of hate
Get out of my face ? get out of my heart
To die is to part
Just sacrifice me baby
Just sacrifice my lovin? to the dark of fate
I will overcome ? babe if I wanted to
Just sacrifice me baby ? just sacrifice
Get out of my way ? Get out of my life
Come on just feel free ? and sacrifice me baby

Out in the heat
The flame of passion's
Dryin? your tears
But your obsession's leavin me
Where I don't wanna be
Forever's just a second to go
From here to nowhere
But I don't care
Cos I don't need your symphathy
Trouble will set me free


Take all you want
It's just nothing
I will survive on the edge of misery
Where do you wanna be ??

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