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Run and Hide Lyrics Gracia

Album Passion

Gracia - Run and Hide Songtext

* Twenty five dollars-
* wasted on you
* Got you out of trouble-
* but you'll soon come by for another try
* You're a friend of mine - and I know
* Only crooked places you can go
* Your eyes coneyes too many lies
* Chorus
* You'd better run and hide
* too many girls have cried
* Oh no no no no
* Why do I feel sorry?
* You'd better run and hide
* Too many dreams have died
* Oh no no no no
# Why do I still worry?
# a
# Twenty five dollars - I pay the bill
# And they let you go -
# but you are still not free
# You won't ever be...
# a
# Captured in a mess - night and day
# All the streets you walk-
# they lead astray
# You deal with all the pain you feel
# Chorus
# Twenty five reasons- to leave you
# But I'm still feeling
# kinda blue inside
# Watching our worlds cohide
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