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Good Riddance

Twenty One Guns Lyrics Good Riddance


Good Riddance - Twenty One Guns Songtext

11th hour's gone nothing's resolved
there's no alternative to becoming involved
strike up the band round up the men ready to die for nothing
one shred of hope one prayer for peace one man abandoned
he prays for release he's bound to his code dishonor is death
his heart pounding hatred with every breath
he fights war's a childrens game back in the world
he'd be a criminal he'd go insane
no sleep for days he sweats when it's cold
he lives for his orders he does what he's told
no mercy for his enemy his finger on the trigger of an M-16
the hours grow long he's bored and alone he dosen't need no one
he's never going home the system made him who he is
those motherfuckers will fear him
he's gone his mind is a waste he hears it twenty-one guns
life imitates death imitates twenty-one guns
honor parades accolades a section eight twenty-one guns
a proud servant of this grand republic he got twenty-one guns
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