Good Riddance

Shit-Talking Capitalists Lyrics Good Riddance


Good Riddance - Shit-Talking Capitalists Songtext

Clear heads yes filled with lies
How dare you look them in the eyes
I usedt o want the things you had
Now I know it was just a fad

You lied and I'm still fucking waiting
And you-you still talk your shit
I thought we stood side by side
To make a change I know I tried
Boasting heart that wasn't there
You raped the scene that thought you cared

In it for the cash right from the start
Now you're all washed up and you've got no heart
I can still see you hide
Inside your shell of delusion not fooling yourself
I can still see the sarcasm on your face
As you say that you're doing it ?for the kids?
Nothing mattered but the money and lies
And now we all see through your pathetic disguise
And we'll watch you fall
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