Good Riddance - Libertine Songtext

I've been put down been pushed around
But they won't break me I still believe
Been cast aside stood up for ridicule
But I'm still here I feel the same
This one's for those who'll never understand
It's not a blueprint or a master plan
All I know is nothing that I've done before

Held me so strong never steered me wrong
And with every passing day
Distills my dedication

In a clouded world you kept me clear
And there's a part of you in all I've done
Been second guessed thought immature
But for what it's worth know that I'm still here

I wonder what I could have done instead
To quell the anger boiling in my head
Unlike so man y things
You've never let me down

With you I've never felt alone
And as I stumble through these days
I hope you'll understand
It's so much more than a phase
It's everything I am
When I've strayed in darker times
When I'm feeling left behind
You're always there
The music somehow seems to get me by
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