Good Riddance

A Time and a Place Lyrics Good Riddance


Good Riddance - A Time and a Place Songtext

I've played off devastation
I told you it didn't mean that much
But this world keeps on closing in on me
Whenever we fall out of touch

It's those subtle difference
Keeping up appearances for what?
It gets the best of me
Sometimes it's better not to know

I've tried so many times
To tell you how I feel
But forever's such a long, long time
and this apology's for real

Now there's a time and a place for saving face
There's a time when it's all too much
Through the hardest times
Through the thick and thin I've always played it off
And kpet my grin
But this life's too short to waste on pride
This is the time and the place for me
To clean up my side
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