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Planet Blue Lyrics Golden Earring


Golden Earring - Planet Blue Songtext

I stand in line for a piece of meat
My pocket's always empty as usually
The gates of heaven I touched for you
There's nothing more a spaceman can do

Planet Blue is my island
Mother Earth I'm coming down
Trav'ling with the speed of light, oh yeah

No one loved you as much as me
Lenin, Stalin, Marx and your KGB
I have tried to break that spell
When I threw my Roubels down the wishing-well

When I get home you touch me
Make me burn every single bridge
You're in my law of gravity
And I know you'll never let me go

I'm a spacey-dog, gone astray
A million miles and the job don't pay
I've seen a junkyard between the stars
A lotta heavy metal and it's coming our way
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