Pure Soul (english) Lyrics GLAY


GLAY - Pure Soul (english) Songtext


written & composed by: TAKURO

I have a life with no complaints but something just seems missing
There are always nights like that...
Not even knowing what I was scared of, I ran out of the city
Even if the fame I so strongly wished for throws a big meaning into tommorow, there is a conclusion not wished for
In the repeated days, now I take the unavoidable proposition on my back...
and get lost and struggle at midnight
I feel around in the dark for the exit
The time to roll the dice has come and I pause in the crossroads of life
There were some of us who chased after the many dreams we dreamed together
Not even having the time to look back at the boy who cries out loud
I have smoking in my heart... the wornout fire of youth.
"Dawn is yet far"
"I still can't find the knowlege I need to live"
If someone suddenly murmurs... anyone is the same.
When I threw away some emotions for a tiny happiness
I stopped being able to tell others
"Don't give up your dreams"
There were nights when I cried for I didn't want to be alone
For some reason the two of us on that day are so far away
and so dear to me...
Although we walked side by side
Love will change shape sometime, not being able to stay love.
Do I love who I live with
my family and my lover
well enough?
Why does the world worry behind a well written answer?
Even if it's an ordinary and overused phrase, I still want you to tell me... that you love me.
I've come so far that I can't even hear my parent's voices...
Holding an old lullaby in hand.
Before dawn I drove on the highway alone. Wanting to go over everything
the passing scenery
the seasons
The time to roll the dice has come and I pause in the crossroads of life
Can all the people who've supported me hear this song?
In the praying days
"Live stronger"
I encourage myself just a little...
The sky I can't go back to......
When I touch someone's kindness, for somereason I remember
The love that watched me as a baby-start walking for the very first time
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