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Beloved (english) Lyrics GLAY


GLAY - Beloved (english) Songtext


written & composed by: TAKURO

How far have we walked already?
In the street corners sunflowers which decorate summer
a past of casting away trouble some loves
when ever I remember the pain increases.

Drowning in busy everyday's, through my inability to be obedient.
A gentle light is burning in something important that's been forgotten.
I'm coming soon, halting in bewilderment at each intersection but

Even then, a person will start walking again.
The love that was awakened by chance encounter, no matter when,
though I'm going to live on the way I always do,
if you are there by my side

Ah I woke from the dream.
Now and forever I'll love you.
In times when we lost the simple communications of our hearts
the third season called a fleeting affair love.
All those days in an indifferent life, a forest grove of cultivated love
catching smiles and tears.

Hold the receeding memory of a friend's familiar voice
and drawing the feeling close to your chest.
Some meetings some seperations
The repeating days will continue

Ah I woke from a dream, now and forever I love you
Ah I woke from a dream, now more than ever I love you
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