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Gilbert o'Sullivan - In a Nutshell Songtext

Oh I'll may leave you for just a second
just a second if that's ok
may last a little under an hour
all depends on how long I stay

Only when it's someone who's close
does cancer hit you just like a bomb
must be the only the disease on earth
guaranteed to kill everyone

watching and waiting
mistaking the pun
for one that was never intended
once they assure you it's all based on fact
you can be sure it's invented

I've got nothing but for tomorrow
No no don't get me wrong
what I mean
It's not I'll will be without my clothes
But there you want me well I'll be free
wishing and hoping
and hoping and praying that it will soon stop raining
there's nothing worse than a cricketer's ball
stuck in the mud complaining

Oh I may wake up to find you sleeping
not in your bed but mine
I know it's only a dream
but what's wrong with that (ain't it)
better than finding you on the floor (ain't it)
better than finding you on the
for in my room
there's someone's ceiling not only that
there's someone at the door
will they stop in if I unlocked it
But in a nutshell
I, I won't
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