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Gentleman - All that you had Songtext

If you did prepare for those rainy days
You wouldn't be swept away by the storm
If you would listen what the wise man say
All that you had wouldn't be gone
If you would trust into the father
And find a few minutes to pray
Now life seems so much harder
I know Jah will show you the way

Rise up and your heart it must be clean
But if you mingle ina corruption Jah Jah nuh let you in
I trust ina the highest supreme
Jah make I a pure as a stream
Never will I trade my love for vanity
Never will I be a victim of dem insanity
All I have is love for humantiy
Come help me sing da song ya if you agree with me


Don't burn your bridges
Don't you ever turn your back and close the door
Cause it just might be
That you wanna use that same bridge once more
The sun sets in the west
Representing a new dawn
Continue do your best and life goes on and on


Nuh go be no part of dem controversy
I know who I am and who I supposed to be
Moving on with Jah Jah and keep him close to me
Life over all means the most to me
Together now - one ever now
We can make it through any kind of weather now
Forever now - life is the treasure now
So tell me what you prefer now

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