Twelve Months, Eleven Days Album

Wondering Lyrics Gary Barlow


Gary Barlow - Wondering Songtext

So there you go again turning love into a question
No it's not so hard to say if this is for real or rejection
Don't make me promises, don't make me decide
Don't beg forgiveness this just try harder next time
If you take directions from your heart I know this love will start

Don't keep me wondering cause it's hard enough to know
Don't keep me wondering if you've turn cold
We've got to work it out whatever's wrong we'll make it right
Don't keep me wondering if your love is worth the fight

All alone still waitin? so glad I know that you're worth the chasing
Though I understand your reasons
I've never argued or fought with my feelings
Don't be protective don't be changing your mind
You use forgiveness as a way to buy time
Don't push aside a love you've never tried
Try and see this through my eyes

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