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Punisher Lyrics Frenzal Rhomb


Frenzal Rhomb - Punisher Songtext

Return to duty corporal punishment
he had the brain that never dies
Return to duty corporal punishment
the cask is emptied every night
He's socially retarded
Tries to get this party started with brutal and unparalleled insight
What a champion (what a punish)
He hides a dark and seamy history
He keeps so quite about his past
Not even one confirming photograph
Of each tale more boring than the last
I think he's planing something could find out but I cant listen
To long winded stories with no end

What a champion (what a punisher)
What a champion (what a punisher)

I can see it one the news now
His neighbours never once complained about the noise of digging
In the back yard after midnight
They just thought he was annoying not insane

What a champion (what a punisher)
What a champion (what a punisher)
What a champion
what a way to learn
Mind started slow
got a ways
What a punisher
will he ever learn
Wonder when he'll turn
What a punisher

Spent his youth torturing small things
put his little bro through hell
only way to get his own back
on a world he saw as failed
find it so hard to listen to a guy whos such a creep
no more walking on eggshells
cos hes gonna put all his friends to sleep
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