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The Eyes of the World Lyrics Freedom Call

Album Eternity

Freedom Call - The Eyes of the World Songtext

At the end of all creation
The world is standing still
Eternal damnation
For all who have sinned

Hear the clash up in the atmosphere
There's silence everywhere
We're daring not to move or breathe
There's tension in the air

We obey the light
And it's blazing rays of might

Take the eyes of the world and fly
To the land where all the angels cry
Here we are heading for the sun
And the eyes of the world will cry
For the land where all the eagles fly
Wea re heading for the sun

We're praying for redemption
One day we will recall
Who was responsible
For mankind rise and fall
When the master of the universe
They draw the final line
They're calling in their sacrifice
Time to realize


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