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Flame in the Night Lyrics Freedom Call

Album Eternity

Freedom Call - Flame in the Night Songtext

I call your name
wonder why
Should I die to be free?

Will I ever get a chance to try
Turning back the wheels of time
Back to the dawn of my days

Send me a sign and reopen the gate
Send me back home and release me from pain

And my star will shine like a flame in the night
My power,glory will rise forever
Like a flame in the night
Remember the journey never ends

Fall from grace
Time to die
Is this the end of my days

Tell me fathers in the sky
Tell me why you damned my life
Why don't you end up my war



Hope forevermore, crying nevermore
lonely heart inside
I will set the score, end my inner war
burning up my mind
Hope forevermore, sailing distant shores
lonely heart inside
I will set the score, rising from below
raging war in mind
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