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Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - The Devil Made Me Do It Songtext

Mom and Dad, I'm not sorry
For putting bullets in your bodies
One day I hope you'll understand
That I did it for the man? yeah
Well he gave me a command
He said ?kill your mom and dad?
He said ?it's time to be a man?
And fill 'em full of lead
And now

The devil made me do it
And I'll do it again

Mom and Dad you're beautiful
With bullet holes in your skulls
And red looks good on you, too
Goodbye, good riddance, I hate you
It was a really simple plan
Go in and kill mom and dad
There's just one lesson to be learned
You'll fuck with me and
You'll sleep with worms
And now


Mom and Dad, I'm not sorry
For dismembering your bodies
In fact it was a dream come true
To have the honor to kill you
I hope you're both doing fine
With your god up in the sky
Well me, I'm doing well
In the luxories of hell
And now

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