Down On Your Knees - Single Album

Down on Your Knees Lyrics Flora Cash


Flora Cash - Down on Your Knees Songtext

Last I saw, you were down on your knees
praying for some release.
Check my bed, but you ain't next to me
and I'm wondering where you ease.

Last until, anyone lets you know
but I don't understand this game.
Bit my lip, but I said I would find
something I didn't know I had.

Almost winning… and now I don't know
but it seems like it's almost away from me
Maybe one day I'll be strong enough to find
it out and I'll know it all…

And the spring is running fast
you… got me thinking.
Oh I want this to last
you… got me thinking.

Do you think it's easy… now… now… alone?
Baby is it easy… now… now… alone?
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