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Freaky Deaky Übersetzung Flo Rida


Flo Rida - Freaky Deaky deutsche Übersetzung

Ass shaken at a quarter to 2 and I'm feelin your ready to
Freak me Freak me
Body's caught an applause you can hear us in the bathroom cutting up
Freaky Deaky
I got just what we need Hennessy and some weed light the candles up
You inspire me with ecstasy got me feelin so
Freaky Deaky

[Verse 1]
Legs up on my shoulder
If you want I'll bend you over
Climb on top of me it's over
Let you ride me ride me
I'm teach you yoga let you meet my freaky soldier
We might end up on the sofa doin the nasty nasty
Girl if I give you that (tounge)
Lick you all over be makin you (cum)
You tell a friend now she gone wanna (come)
That's how Flo-Rida be havin em' (sprung)
Screamin all way to the top of yo (lungs)
Scratchin my back cause this dick is the bomb
Tappin that ass on that Don Perrignon
You are the guest girl I'm not even done
I got yo
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