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Only a Fool Lyrics Firefall

Album Luna Sea

Firefall - Only a Fool Songtext

In a moment of madness
I let you say goodbye
You never miss your water
Till the well runs dry

Now this feeling of sadness
Has made me change my mind
If I could do it over
I'd try to do you right this time

Even a fool like me should know
Only a fool would let you go
I was waiting for someone
To take the place of you
And bring me back the feeling

Used to come so easy with you
In the middle of waiting
The truth cam rushing in
That I could wait forever
And never get the feeling again


If i'd only known better
The things I could not see
Didn't know I loved you
Didn't think it mattered to me

So I sit and remember
The love I threw away
My pride was more important
Than the words that I needed to say


Don't go
Please don't go
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