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Ever We Fall

Late Night Dance Party Lyrics Ever We Fall


Ever We Fall - Late Night Dance Party Songtext

You walk through the door
all im waiting for
ill take the chance and dance
i dont have much to do
but spend all night with you
lets spend this night together
dont drink to much
you want to have more fun
swallow this pill
it will make you feel
dont think to much
you wont have any fun
focus on ....(....)
cant you feel x2
can you hit the floor
your drinking more
put this in your arms your having fun
its not getting late
its time to waste
lets dance this night away
were coming close as one
its all a plan of yours
i wont slip away
somehow this will last
a new stop or new end
and we will slowly fade away someday
as for right now lets move
lets be someone new
we will feel like this way someday
i laid my hand upon you dont walk away
lets make this night last unti the end well make sure we wont go on
go on go on
with tomorrow aside
theres no reason why
we would cut this short
as we walk through the door we miss this more
lets dance like this again
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