Open Your Heart Lyrics Europe


Europe - Open Your Heart Songtext

Days filled with joy and days filled with sorrow
I don't know just what to do
Am I happy today,am I lonely tommorrow
Everything depends on you.


And I've been waitin'
For the angels to knock on my door
I've been hopin'
That eveything could be like before

Open your heart and tell me what's wrong
Why can't you talk like you used to befor
I don't know if I'm weak,I don't know if I'm strong
Hey girl I can't cope anymore


Open your heart -let my hear you
Make up your mind- I want to hear you call
Open your heart- want to come near you
Make up your mind- oh girl before I fall
Maybe the sun will continue to shine
Maybe the rain will conttinue to fall
Maybe you want to leave me me behind
Mabye you'll change and give me a call
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