Requiem for the Indifferent Album

Internal Warfare Lyrics Epica


Epica - Internal Warfare Songtext

Would anybody dare to know the answer?
Would anybody dare to face the truth?
We bide the time awaiting our answers
To our kind

We're all in this apocalypse together
The horror we so feared can't be undone
We all remove allegiance to disaster
Tragic crime

Life we used to know
Ends where silence comes to us forever
Night will soon bestow
Justice on a day that never ends

The piercing eyes of bullets' shine run faster
Than peace and understanding can conceive
To use and to deceive to teach a lesson
Cross the line

I'm a true believer
A soldier with a gun
I shall swipe the earth clean
Won't take long

Te deplangemus - haud resistentes - a te vexti - manebimus

I must trust my instinct
And act on his behalf
My ship is full with water
But won't go down
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