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Victory Song Lyrics Ensiferum

Ensiferum - Victory Song Songtext

The plan of invasion an evil deception
Was made in the halls of the dark kingdom
To steal their riches, to slave them all
To make them kneel for a new god
The guard woke up the sleeping men
With the sound of a bronze horn
The enemy is getting closer
So brace yourselves for assault

Swords in their hands they killed each and every man
Who dared to invade their sacred land
Victory Songs are rising in the night
Telling all of their undying strength and might

Arrows are raining from the sky
As brothers fight side by side
We re outnumbered
But our destiny is to win!
Fight! With the rage of a bear!
Defend! Our homeland!

Crush! Every enemy!
And seal our victory!

Ei urhot kaukaisen pohjolan
Uhan eessä taipuneet
Jälleen pauhaa kansi taivahan
Veri valuu maahan lumiseen
Moni nähdä ei saa enää huomista
Moni jää heitä kaipaamaan
Jälkipolville jää maa rauhaisa
Voiton laulut soi ainiaan

The braves of the North
Didn t give in before the threat
Again the sky dome rumbles
Blood stains the snow
Many don t get to see tomorrow
Many will be missed
Land remains peaceful for progeny
Songs of victory will sound forever
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