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Pilot to Paradise Lyrics Eloy


Eloy - Pilot to Paradise Songtext

We contain a light - It's a twinkling fire,
We're in possession of the golden key!
Enormous ignorance surrounds the liar,
But our spirit could really tell us prodigy!

Will-O-the-wisps, so countless by our side,
Try to make us stumble wanderin' and glide!

Pilot to paradise - open your eyes!
Pilot to paradise - make us wise!

Milleniums ago, Adam swallowed the key,
Now it dwells inside of your inner secrecy!
To discover the guardian of harmony
We gotta immerse into our inner sea!

It animates us, makes us wonder and act
And it only depends on us - as a natural fact:

Whether it is far as the farthest star,
Or whether it is near, so clean and so clear!

So, let's look for the pilot,
leading through our night!
At the tunnel's end - I am sure -
we'll discover the light!

And I know there's someone to hold us tide!
Man's damned to fight, only love
and truth will bring us the light!
Pilot to paradise - open our eyes!
Pilot to paradise - finally make us wise!
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