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Dracula-Das Musical Album

Je Länger Ich Leb Übersetzung Dracula-Das Musical


Dracula-Das Musical - Je Länger Ich Leb deutsche Übersetzung

I’ve seen so many sunsets in my life;
I should know everything there is worth knowing.
But since I saw her face
I don’t know where I am,
there’s no map that can show me where I’m going.
The longer I live the more I wonder
if I know anything at all.
If I’ve ever been in love, I can’t recall.

The longer I live the less I’m certain,
that I have all the answers right.
I’d give all my yesterdays to touch the light.

It’s hard to make each moment count when you’re alone,
maybe that’s all I need to know.

The longer I live without her near me,
the longer my empty years will be.
The world will not turn until she turns to me.

The world will not turn until she turns to me!!
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