Dock Boggs

Down South Blues 78 Version Lyrics Dock Boggs


Dock Boggs - Down South Blues 78 Version Songtext

I'm a-going to the station,
Going to catch the fastest train that goes;
I'm a-going back South
Where the weather suits my clothes.

Oh, love's like water,
It is turned off and on.
When you think you've got 'em,
Oh they are turned off and gone.

I was reared in a country
Where the snow, it never fell.
I'm a-going back South,
If I don't do so well.

I'm going back South
If I wear out 99 pair of shoes;
'Cause I'm broken-hearted,
I've got those down South blues.

Oh my daddy told me,
And my mama told me too;
"Don't you go off, honey,
Let the man make a fool out of you."
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