We Hold a Gun Lyrics Dispatch


Dispatch - We Hold a Gun Songtext

Invite them the fly is you cut their wings
tell them the run as you tie their fees
where they will go?
ask them to sing what they can't get speak
show them out of so whether never reach
where they will go?

We, we hold a gun

Here comes the tune once again
another great chief with another strong hand, fences and warms
how can you say when you cannot stand
and will be needing more from the less in your hands, fences and warms

We, we hold a gun
We, we hold it up

Fill up the rooms where there are no seas
it's like them the reach in the dream
ask em the sea as you shut up the light
expecting what a colour when it's black and white
is the protection within never beens
and all the glory that reach and suspends
how still we come and the dance and the sin
and hold as the rooms where the silence stings
and all we raise and ..up just to hold up their hands
and enter them two on world
and they won't, they won't understand

We, we hold a gun
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