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Dimmu borgir - Sympozium Songtext

Chains of despair
Cloaked by darkness
The thundering echoes of great destruction to come
Mankind's mysteries
The dying world

Madness in it's sweetest form
What shrivels and dies must face the tempest
The angelic heaven bows to the ultimate truth
And melancholy grew

Anticipation mender through madness
Condemned to the same horrid fate
Insanity applauds
How sharp the awakening
Pale as disease
Give up the ghost
Cease the gloomy awakening

History foretold
The hidden stigmata
Totally annihilating the ecstasies innumerable
Materialize the vision
Give up the ghost
Cease the gloomy awakening
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Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia Album

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