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Die Happy

Wannabe Lyrics Die Happy

Album VI

Die Happy - Wannabe Songtext

Big hit on the radio
Big man with 'a license to deceive
You taste like a perfect chocolate cake

You are the only one
So good and gracious a man can be
Born with the silver spoon in you mouth

Systematic breakdown
Television hero
A second of your life

I don't wann be a wannabe like you
It feels fine just to be myself
I don't wanna be a wannabe like you
I'm sinner, that's good to me
I don't wanna be a wannabe like you
Read my mouth

Handshake in a mirror hall
Sounds in each corner of this room
You are a bunch of man I know

Must have many skelteons
In the closet with the golden key
Exaggeration is you second name
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